Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Mind

Sometimes we argue, I don't know why.
Then I sit and wonder, why do I cry?

I cry because I love you,
I cry because I care,
I cry because I feel our love is so rare,
sometimes I'm afraid I'll turn around and you won't be there.

Sometimes I've wondered do you love me too,
then I look in your eyes and
I know it's true.
So when I say something,
or I do something you don't feel it's right,
Please, let's try to work it out so we won't fight.

Some people take relationships for granted
it's sad to hear but true...
I don't want this to happen, not with you.
I want our relationship to be completely from the heart
so we both know, no matter what we go through,
we will never apart..

From Someone to Someone

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