Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Mine

Love sits and waits
Inside the empty void of the heart
Waiting for that special moment
That will light the spark

The one special person
That will take the place
Of the hurt in a heart
That will put a glow on a face

The one special touch
That will make you want to cry
And the one special kiss
That won't let you say goodbye

I'm sitting here, waiting
For that one moment in time
When I will find my true love
Who will say to me, "You are mine"

For that touch and that kiss
That will never, ever end
For that one day I'm waiting for
When I say "I do" to my life-long best friend

So, I sit here waiting
If my dreams will come true
For, in every dream I dream
My "one special person" is you

From Someone to Someone

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